Thursday, December 2, 2010

MDS Notecard Thank You

Hi! I interrupt all this holiday posting with a non Christmas project. Today, I'm showing you my wedding card thank you done with My Digital Studio. I knew that I wanted to do my own thank yous (of course, since I did lots of DIY for my wedding), but I was having a hard time finding a design that I liked online. And also find something that wasn't real expensive either. So then I thought about using MDS for the design of the thank you and then upload it to a site where I could have them print it (like vistaprint). But I still wasn't sure I wanted to do that either. So after fooling around with MDS, I figured out how to print my thank you on the 3.5 x 5inch notecards from Stampin Up. The thank you looks like its simple but it ended up taking me a while. The part that took me the longest was coming up with a design I liked and figuring out how to get it to print on the right section of the notecard. A couple of the original designs I had used our initials (J & J) but then I decided I didn't like that. And I didn't want to have "thank you" on the front, just in case someone wanted to put the picture in a frame or something. So after searching the different stamps in the program I found the "mr. & mrs." and I thought that worked good. I added that on top of the modern label punch and sized everything until I got it to how I wanted it. I do plan on adding something on the back to show that I designed it. Once I printed it, it didn't look quite as bright as it shows on the jpeg version but overall I'm really happy with how it came out. The photo of the actual card doesn't have the best lighting either so it isn't quite as dark as the photo may show. Now comes the fun part of writing all of these out...yeah right!
Tomorrow I will be back to the regular holiday posting. I have a few more holiday things to share.

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