Thursday, September 21, 2017

Wedding Invitations

Hello! Today I am going to share some wedding invitations I did months and months ago! I wanted to wait until after the bride sent them out to share them here but then I just got busy and never got around to sharing them. I went to take the invite off of my fridge yesterday and realized I never posted about them. So here they are! I had a lot of fun making these for friends of ours. Some of the paper is not Stampin' Up! but the stamp set is.

She wanted something simple but classy. The flower from Birthday Blooms is my absolute favorite flower ever!! I hope this set never goes away. I stamped the flower twice on the bottom of the invite and then once on the top. I just stamped the top portion of the flower image up top. Then I embossed all of the flowers with gold embossing powder. They were so pretty in real life.

The invite was layered on wine colored cardstock (not SU!)

The rest of the inserts were printed on my computer and I stamped and embossed the smaller flower on the RSVP card.

Here they are with the coordinating envelopes.

Here are all 80 invites packaged up and ready to go. I also made a little thank you card to the bride for choosing me to do her invites. It was a bit of work to get them done but I loved doing it!

Have a great day!


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