Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Our samples

Today I have some samples that we are thinking of using for our invites. We still don't know which ones we're using yet. Who knows by the time we figure it out, I may have made up another 5 different options. :) The first one I liked because the layout is different than many of the other options we've seen. I have pictures of what it looks like opened and closed. I would have to fix the initials on the band. I messed them up, the S should be in the middle. The other one I like too. I'm trying to incorporate the plum/purple color somewhere because I'm pretty sure that is the color the girls will be wearing. Something similar to Rich Razzleberry. The first invite uses the leaves from Season of Friendship in Rich Razzleberry and Dusty Durango. The stem is a flower stem from some set (i'm not sure which one). I think I either have to find a thinner stem or use a lighter color. It's a little too bold for me. The second invite uses non SU stamps. (gasp, I know!) The colors are Old Olive and Rich Razzleberry. I really think I like the actual invite on the Kraft cardstock. I'm not sure if you can tell in the pictures but both invites use clear microbeads on the leaves. I think it adds a little something to the invitation.
I hope to soon have a post that isn't wedding related. I'm actually glad that I've started posting more lately. I really want to try to do that more this year. So hopefully I can keep up this pace.


  1. Hi -- I just stumbled upon your blog from one of your SCS posts. I love all of your wedding samples -- some really gorgeous choices! I'm not a big comment-er, more of a stalker, but I'm a huge monogram nut, so I thought I'd give one constructive comment. When you make your wedding inviations, you should never use your married monogram - for invitations, showers, etc., you should use your first initials or your full monogram plus groom's first monogram. Married monogram should only be used AFTER the nuptials. That being said, I go back to my previous gushing over your beautiful samples. I LOVE your fonts, too!

  2. thanks for the compliment and the tip! i was never really sure how to go about setting up the monogram, such as whose initials to use. now i know...thanks!