Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hey Valentine treats

Hello! I am glad that I am able to share with you my son's valentine's day treats for his class. Please excuse the less than stellar photos. My photo taking time is limited to morning or night and neither of those are good options since there is no daylight. I need to get my photo tent sent up in the craft room but that has been low on the list of things to do around the house. I think I need to bump it up since these pictures are not that great. But you still get to see the project. I fell in love with the fish from this set and knew that I wanted to use it for valentine's treats. Instead the treat bags are packages of gold fish. Obviously I was way more excited about doing these than my son was but I figured it's the first time he gets to do valentine's in school so I wanted to do something cute while his class was still small and he didn't have much say, haha!! I did want him to participate a little bit so I had him color the Lost Lagoon pieces with some crayons. Those pieces have his name on it. So you lift up the white circle to see who it's from. I used the same colors for the fish that I did in my last post. I didn't put too much effort into coloring them since I know the kids won't care too much. The coloring was more fun for me! Once I had everything colored and cut out I just stapled everything to the bags and that was it! I just wanted to keep things fairly simple since the kids are just going to tear into the bags for the goldfish anyway. But I still had fun putting these together and I think my son enjoyed some coloring too!

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